What Makes Green Offices The Best Place To Work

September 30, 2020 By Bhaskar Dutta

Green Offices are the new style statement in this ever-growing corporate spectrum. It’s not a fad but the next best step towards a green; much better tomorrow. And more than anyone else, the breadwinners need it. Its high time that the setup that use to run disregarding the whole health issues; adopts the idea & sit superimposed on to the occurring change.


Green automatically means healthy & clean. Embracing for the better; We can give a whole new life to the hard-working personnel & improve their productivity on top of that.


So let’s get down to knowing what makes Green Offices, the best place to work.


1. Improves Health

Findings from a survey that has come to light which says; when we work in a green-certified office, we get a 26% boost in cognitive activities, and 30% fewer sickness absences. What’s more; a 6% rise in their sleep quality has also been reported by the respondents. (Source; Forbes.com)


2. Increases Productivity

A study conducted by Exeter University showed that employees were 15% more productive in a "green" office than others in more spartan environs. Green office successfully provided a boost to employee engagement internally, Rise in concentration levels & also the perceived air quality was observed after the

introduction of plants into the office. (Source; Forbes.com)


3. Environmental Effect

A perfect setup plays a big role in pursuing you to bend with it for the better. For example, small plants to be clustered in focus-areas to absorb & reduce noise, low VOC finishes and furnishings to be used throughout the premises. The higher floor-to-ceiling ratio for greater & deeper light penetration should be taken care of. All staff members should sit comparatively close to the windows. Also, Stand-up desks can be used that make the employees want to walk more & get exposed to the green setup.


We have just covered the major outline of why green offices are getting popular amongst woking, executive & management class. The answer is simple: It makes sense for every class. Make no mistake, we have always thought of saving electricity, saving exhaustible & switching to renewable sources is going to be enough, but humans have a tendency to better themselves every day on any & every walk of life; so let’s embrace the change for good & be a part of the wave of world’s betterment.


Happy Green Working!

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