6 Improved Land and Water Management Practices  

August 29, 2020 By Sadanand Tewari

6 Improved land and water management practices

A wide range of water and land management techniques have been budding up in recent times. There has been a strict practice of land degradation and increase long-term agricultural productivity that stands on the say of these processes. As farmers or as readers, what do you think the problems can be? How can you really tackle those issues all by yourself and for a better form of implementing the techniques in stages? Here are the most improved methods for you all:

Here are some of the improved techniques that can be effective as a land and water management practices:


1. Soil organic matter: The organic supplies used by the farmers most commonly are firewood and fodder. These are highly required by the livestock and other work for the farmers in agricultural activities. Bringing the change with more organic soil matter installed, it is used in the farming process can show all good impacts on the harvests. The quality of soil matter must be chosen to be organic & by ethical means.


2. Soil structure: With the great structure in the soil, you make sure that the seeds and the saplings get enough nutrients in the right ways. The soil structure ensures that there be a great connection between the water and nutrient particles, and they do not get lost within.


3. Soil erosion: Make all the arrangements to completely abolish the erosion of soil. The soil surface must be protected with top-notch methods that can save the soil from getting eroded. There is a necessary requirement as a farmer that you be surely taking care of the soil and ensure that erosion doesn’t occur, as most of the key nutrients for the plants are present on the topmost layer.


4. Water filtration: Filtration of the water and methods to make sure that the water quality is not affected makes the yield very well. Water filtration has a lot of advantages, one of them being that the plants get really good care. With such water filtration techniques implemented, there can be seen a visible enhancement in the income for the farmers, leading them to better opportunities to improve their livelihood and taking better care of their families.


5. Efficient Use of water: Farmers are implementing a lot of good methods to make sure that the water used is not much and stays much afar. The efficient use of water is necessary on a global aspect as well. As a water management technique, keep in mind the count of water used is a great way towards sustainability.


6. Soil Nutrients: Implement methods that can make sure, that there is more to absorbing nutrients that just splashing the crops with one. The high yields resulting with soil nutrients are obvious and leads to better rates of conversion for the farmers’ hard works. The crops and plants will show better resistance to any changes that can be seen pertaining to the climate change. The evolving plants will have great strength and resilience towards global warming impacts.


There are huge benefits of these newly improved and effective water and land management practices which are directly useful to reinstate the falling economies in the rural areas. Try them all and make notable changes to the yields. 

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