Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Imagine a net-zero world. A world where humanity has come together and defeated the climate crisis. Where sustainability is prime consideration in all human activity. Where, through focussed innovation, both technological progress and energy generation are in harmony with the environment.


At EKI, we believe that if we lead by example and enable communities to take positive collective actions, we can bring about this ideal world. A low-carbon, net zero, sustainable world where the environment doesn’t need protection. This is the dream that spurs us on everyday.


Our Mission

EKI’s mission is to steer the world to net-zero through end-to-end climate-positive, community-based projects and nature-based solutions. We are committed to inspiring communities and organizations to minimize their carbon footprint.

At EKI, we believe in leading by example. We incorporate a sustainability mindset across all our processes and aim to be net-zero ourselves by 2030.


Imagine A Greener World, A Cleaner World.

A Nourishing, Healing, Benevolent World.
Where Humans, Animals, and Plants Thrive.
And Nature Restores and Comes Alive.
Where Humanity Joins Hands to Gain,
A World Safe, Pure, and Reassuring Again.
That’s The Dream We Dream Every Day.


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EKI Energy Services Limited (‘the Company’) is committed to providing effective and prompt service to its stakeholders. The Company has in place, a designated e-mail address i.e. cs@enkingint.org for assistance and/or grievance redressal and is closely monitored by the Company Secretary of the Company. The escalation matrix for complaints relating to the securities of the Company is as provided below:

Ms. Itisha Sahu

Company Secretary

Address: 903, B-1 9th Floor, NRK Business Park, Scheme No. 54, PU4, Indore 452010, Madhya Pradesh India

Mail: cs@enkingint.org

In case of non-redressal of the complaint to the investor’s satisfaction, within a reasonable time frame, the investor may approach-

Mr. Mohit Kumar Agarwal

Chief Financial Officer

Address: 903, B-1 9th Floor, NRK Business Park, Scheme No. 54, PU4, Indore 452010, Madhya Pradesh India

Email: cfo@enkingint.org

In case a complaint is still not redressed to the investor’s satisfaction, the investor may approach the Securities and Exchange Board of India and file their grievance through “SCORES”, the centralized online system for lodging and tracking complaints.

SCORES facility can be accessed through the weblink http://scores.gov.in

Filing complaints on SCORES – Easy & quick

  1.        Register on SCORES portal 
    b.        Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES: 
        i.        Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E-mail ID 
    c.        Benefits: 
         i.        Effective communication 
         ii.        Speedy redressal of the grievances