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Carbon Offset

Comprehensive bouquet of advisory services for end-to-end carbon project life cycle management. As climate experts/consultants, we enable organizations to understand climate nuances seamlessly and to accredited their carbon reduction projects for carbon credits. We also enable businesses to invest in high quality carbon credits with an aim to offset their emissions.

  • Renewable energy – Biogas, Biomass/Biochar, Wind, Hydro, Solar, Geothermal, Others
  • Energy Efficiency – Fuel switching, Industrial, Others
  • Community based projects -Clean water, lighting efficiency, Clean cook stoves, Community biogas, Water purification, Decentralised rural Solar
  • Methane avoidance and biomethanation
  • Transport- Electric mobility, Rapid public transportation, Modal shift, Shipping, Aviation , Others
  • Agriculture- Sustainable agriculture, Live stock methane, Grass land / wetland management
  • Forestry & Land use – Urban Forestry, Soil Carbon, Improved forest management, Avoided forest conversion, Agro forestry, Afforestation/ Re-forestation / Re-veg, REDD+all, Others
  • Blue Carbon – Mangrove preservation / Mangrove afforestration
  • Chemical/ Industry- N2O destruction – adipic/ nitric acid, Carbon capture & storage / utilization, refrigerant -HFC, SF6, NF3

Renewable Energy Attribute certificates (EACs)

We ensure end-to-end management of the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) from eligible RE projects. We help businesses to understand the functioning and trends of the renewable energy market in addition to sourcing high-quality energy attribute certificates from eligible RE projects. Energy Attribute Certificates allow tracking of production, distribution and consumption of renewable energy. EAC is an effective way to improve sustainability rating contributing towards RE100 goals and Science Based Targets.

  • We provide an end-to-end solution for Indian RECs (I-REC) and TiGRs (Tradable instruments for Global Renewables), starting from project registration to issuance to its supply.

    Standards we Champion:

    • CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) driven by UNFCCC, United Nations – Compliance program
    • CDM PoA (Programmes of Activities) driven by UNFCCC, United Nations – Compliance program
    • VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) driven by VCS Board, USA – Voluntary program
    • GS CER/VER Gold Standard driven by GS Board, Switzerland – Voluntary program
    • GCC (Global Carbon Council) driven by GORD,Qatar – Voluntary program
    • Puro Standard – Carbon-di-oxides removal credits (CORC) standard
    • EKOenergy ecolabel – Authorised Seller

EPR & Plastic Credits Projects

We provide end-to-end management & stewardship of Plastic pollution prevention (EPR) obligation under National regulations and International Voluntary Obligations by developing high quality verified credits through robust enviornmentally sustainable  plastic collection and recycling activities.

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Design Document (PDD) & Emission Reduction (ER) calculation drafting
  • Validation – Appointment of 3rd Party auditor for Validation of PDD & MR
  • Completion of Registration with Verra Executive Body
  • Monitoring
  • Collection of Monitoring data
  • Preparation of Monitoring Report (MR) and Emission Reduction (ER)
  • Verification – Appointment of 3rd Party auditor for Verification of MR & ER
  • Issuance – Verification Report acceptance by Verra Executive Body
  • Monetization  of Plastic Credits

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