5 Ways ISO Helps in Increasing your Clientele

September 30, 2020 By Naveen Sharma

Being a business owner, regardless of the business size, you aspire to increase your client base. And to make it happen you aspire to upgrade your business productivity, operations, and overall customers’ satisfaction through the products and services delivery. In that regards, opting for ISO standards provides you with a clear-cut action plan to improve processes & performances.

To quote Mr. Masaaki Imai, famous Japanese organizational theorist and management consultant, 

“There can be no improvements where there are no standards.”

ISO helps you with guidelines and roadmaps for the balanced improvement & implementing these standards helps in various aspects of a business esp. increasing clientele. And here are 5 ways through which ISO helps you with the same.

1. Increases The Credibility– Implementing ISO Standards in your business gives out this message to the people out there that you are sincere with your business dealings. As ISO makes your systems up-to-date and systematic, which enhance your overall efficiency and work style. This encourages your potential clients to connect with you as they know you through your business only.

2. Results Oriented Approach– Having all your business related processes defined is one of the primary benefits of ISO. It further helps in defining objectives & ascertaining the progress effectively. All of it assist in creating a dedicated approach in delivering the results. And, as your business starts to deliver efficiently and effectively to your client, it further leads in retaining the old clients and having new clients on board.

3. Access To Exclusive Arenas– Having ISO standards implemented add up in your achievement and make you eligible and suitable for new assignments. Many Government/Private projects exclusively ask for ISO Certified professional entities only to file tenders for them. Also as ISO standards are globally recognized, having them will instantly open up the doors of international markets & sectors for you.

4. Prepare For New Challenges– If you are a small business owner, you often prefer to stay safe at your current level and avoid taking up bigger challenges. But having your company ISO certified, not only helps you in performing well in your current level, but it provides you a launchpad to shoot for the higher goals. Having found that new confidence & capabilities only result in acquiring new clients.

5. Competitive Edge– Owning an ISO certified company, clearly make your position visibly different from your competitors in the market. That competitive advantage you have, helps you in pitching new clients rather effortlessly, as I mentioned in point 2, ISO set you on the path of efficient result delivering style. This ultimately increases your reputation as you get ahead from your competitors.


Ultimately, ISO standards are renowned for transforming businesses. Their implementation acts as a catalyst in making its activities become smooth, enhancement in team performance, increasing revenues etc. It lets you to effectively steer your business on the path of success and growth. So, it’s high time to go for ISO standards and let them help in excelling at your business & increasing your client base.

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