Types Of GHG Projects EnKing International Deal In

October 13, 2020 By Sagar Farkiya

One of the most worrisome issues & the one that needs immediate check & attention is the increasing emission of Green House Gases (GHG). The increased heating caused by GHG emissions has many large scale implications including rising sea levels, an increase in ocean temperatures, alteration in precipitation patterns, melting glaciers & much more. The main factors for increased emissions of GHG’s are mainly industrialization and increased demand for electricity & thus fossil fuel burning associated with it. Now, these problems have to have some solution or else it will deteriorate our environment & atmosphere at an alarming rate. The solution is nature itself i.e. using renewable energy sources for energy generation. 


We at EnKing International are constantly striving to make a positive impact by dealing in various GHG projects that help in the reduction of Carbon Footprint. These projects are majorly the ones that use renewable sources of energy & rest are the ones which in some way or the other helps in the reduction of GHG emissions. These projects measure & manage strategies to reduce emissions & thus drive more profitable & sustainable businesses and organizations. We help businesses to get their project registered & verified under various GHG programs and providing them with complete solutions regarding their carbon credits trading. So, let us have a look at the projects that we deal in.


1)  Hydro Power Projects – Hydropower is a renewable source of energy. Annually it prevents emissions of 3GT Co2. Hydropower generates more than 4,000 terawatt-hours of electricity globally every year, enough to supply over 1 billion people with clean energy [source: hydropower.org]. We deal in these hydropower projects & plan their strategies & give necessary consultation for successful & assured delivery & execution. 


2)  Solar Power Projects– It is another clean & environmentally friendly source of energy. We help such solar projects by helping them in trading of their carbon credits & planning of extensive marketing strategies to begin the sales credit.


3)  Wind Power Projects– In the pursuit of use of renewable energy wind power offers a fantastic option. It uses the energy of the winds to generate electricity through turbines and once the turbine is installed there is almost no operational cost. We are currently dealing in various wind power projects major ones include Wind Power Project by Hetero Wind Power. We are helping such wind power projects to start their carbon credit trading and also helping them with the timely registration & verification of their projects.


4)  Biomass Projects– These projects use organic materials from plants & animals for energy production and in various industrial processes & also as raw material for a range of products. Some critics say that biomass is not as effective in containing GHG emissions as its burning releases CO2 but the UN framework declares it safe & eco-friendly as the released CO2 can be again used by plants for photosynthesis. We are handling a complete portfolio for these kinds of projects and helping them to get registered with all possible standards and verifications. 


5)  Bio-Methanation Projects– The main objective of these projects is to utilize organic waste & produce biogas which can be further used as fuel in gas-based engines & other gas-dependent power generation sources. We are constantly involved with these projects for consultations on overseeing of operations & strategies. Most importantly we help them with their carbon credit trading & other services related to sales of carbon credits. 


6)  Methane Abatement Projects– Methane abatement technologies are applied to reduce & limit GHG emissions across oil & gas value chains. The main focus as the name suggests is on the reduction of methane which is a greenhouse gas. So, our dealing in such Methane abatement projects is our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and in helping businesses with various GHG and other clean energy policies that they could benefit from. 


7)  Forestry Projects –These projects include afforestation, reforestation & revegetation. These projects help in carbon removal as trees act as a carbon sink and also increases biodiversity. It is one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions in urban areas. We back such projects in one way or the other. 


8)  Waste Heat Recovery Projects (WHR)- The energy or heat that is not used and gets lost into the environment is called as waste heat. The recovery of such waste heats can be done through various technologies. Such heat recovery projects provide valuable energy sources and reduce energy consumption.



So, by dealing in such GHG projects we help these projects with consultancy, Carbon Credits & quality management. We help these project owners by making sure that their Carbon Credit trading is being done on a regular basis & with full optimization, getting the projects verified under numerous GHG programs like Gold Standard CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) & VER Projects (Voluntary Emission Reduction), Voluntary Carbon Standards, IS0 14064 – Carbon Foot Printing & many more and by devising strategies for the effective marketing of their projects.

Thinking of a GHG project, think of EnKing International for complete spectrum of carbon credits trading and other solutions & services. 

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