Life After Lockdown Do’s and Don’ts Of Post Lockdown Scenario

October 13, 2020 By Anjali Singh

The entire nation is struggling to escape from the wrath of this deadly Novel Coronavirus. And, as a precautionary measure, India declared the world’s largest lockdown ever. It has been observed that there hasn’t been a lockdown of this magnitude ever. 

But what will happen after the lockdown gets lifted and we are asked to bound with the rules of normalcy again? Well, this question has intrigued quite a few. Therefore, we present to you some dos and don’ts that can help you to cope up with life after the quarantine. 



 1. Practice Social Distancing- No matter what, keep a one-arm distance even after lockdown gets lifted. The reason is very simple, even though the lockdown gets removed, the air-borne virus is still there, replicating and ready to spread in every other minute. Therefore, when you go out in a crowded area, do not stand close to another person.


2. Wear ply mask or home-made face covers- The mask should be the part of your overall attire now. Put it on, while going out, even while meeting a doctor and buying groceries. A face cover is designed with a purpose, that it can be helpful for you and even for the other person in your immediate vicinity. 


3. Apply hand sanitizer- Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, it has been noticed that, the chances of getting afflicted with this virus can be highly reduced if you wash your hands frequently. Moreover, it should be immediately done after touching contaminated surfaces like doorknobs, staircases, packages, and many more. 




  1. Importance of rest- If you feel the urge to cough, or are experiencing a mild headache, then take rest. For a few days, stay at home and do not go out. This will not only help you recover but will also make sure that the other person does not get the symptoms if any due to you. 
  2. Avoid crowded places- Even after the lockdown gets lifted one should not participate in any form of social gathering, moreover, which involves more than 10 to 15 people. The reason behind it is very simple, a person may appear very normal and in pink of his health but he still may be infected. And, coming in contact with such a person can make you get this virus real soon. 
  3. Do not believe in fake news- One of the biggest problems of this pandemic is that people tend to believe the fake news and follow such advice and solutions without consulting a renowned authority. This has to be avoided. When it comes to Covid-19 trust only the verified informative sources such as WHO and MoHFW, Government of India.


The don’ts list continues and is never-ending, but we advise everyone to follow their instincts and act smart. In crucial times, your strength and an active mind are your biggest support. But for that eat and sleep well practice Yoga or meditation, and stay calm. We are all in this together, and we can help each other to come out of it successfully. 

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