ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (6 Benefits To The Organization)

October 4, 2020 By Mukesh Bhalse

Save energy, preserve future

As simple as it sounds, this issue has gathered maximum attention by the environmentalists and thinkers globally. Energy is the need and energy efficiency is the cry of the hour and this makes the necessity of a standardized and efficient energy management system in place the most vital of all the things that needs to be addressed with utmost attention. For these energy conservation needs and demands ISO 50001 will act as a perfect guide to offer what you exactly need to do to extend your assistance to this global issue. But before getting into the pros of this ISO certification let’s see what exactly is ISO 50001 standard.

What is ISO 50001 Energy Management System?

These are the guidelines and framework for enabling the organizations to put in place an Energy Management System (EnMS) and implementing it for reducing energy use and consumption and improving energy efficiency. These are universally validated and applicable standards and procedures and can be put in place by any organization whether big or small and irrespective of its social, cultural and geographical conditions. The said system is structured flexibly so as to coexist with other management systems in place and at times can be integrated with other systems and put to use. Now that it doesn’t disturbs your existing fabric it is quite worth the efforts.

Let us discuss in detail some of the key benefits of ISO 50001 certification to the organizations.

  • Reducing energy consumption- The standards specified in the ISO 50001 will help reduce the energy consumption to a great extent this will not only help the organization itself but its members and the community as a whole. The reduction in energy consumption of up to 10% can be achieved within first 12 months if the standards are implemented and become operational on time.


  • Cost Reduction –One of the main aim and motive of an organization is to maximise its profits through various means including cost cuts. These standards allow you major cost cuts by saving generated from the reduced energy consumption.


  • Mitigating effects of climate change-Not only the organization benefits itself but it also helps in contributing to the environmental cause which most organizations otherwise fail to do (however willing). Reduced energy consumption will eventually lead to reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and thus contributing in reducing the effects of increased temperature due to climate change. It also helps in reducing the carbon footprint and thus achieve the targets of carbon footprint reduction set up by various legislations or otherwise.


  • Improved brand image and credibility-The certification will definitely reflect the responsible image of the organization, its commitment to environmental causes and not just the profits. The organization also benefits from the increased credibility among its customers and various stakeholders. It makes the organizations image as a trustworthy and responsible one which will eventually be beneficial for the organisation in the long run in brand building.


  • Increased Awareness-As these standards and procedures are implemented by the employees and various people working for the organization there will be increased awareness among its employees about various energy efficient practices and about reducing energy consumption which will eventually benefit the individual, the organization and the society as a whole.


  • Improved management and decision making –The certification requires that the organization set their own targets and policies for energy management and this requires efficient management at all levels of the organization. The decision making has to be efficient and on time and the operation and maintenance and monitoring need to be done at regular intervals. It will improve the overall management of the organization from decision making at the top level to the operation and also the maintenance.


From its inception since 2011 the ISO 50001 standards were received heartily by the organizations. The benefits from ISO 50001 are immense and worthy. The benefits it provides to the organization can be testified from the fact that the number of ISO certifications have increased 69% from its inception.  So, ISO 50001 will benefit organizations by not only reaping its economic returns but also benefiting by contributing to the environmental causes.

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