4 Steps You Must Take After An Energy Audit

October 4, 2020 By EnKing International

Whether you own a manufacturing business or a large commercial facility, it’s important to take programs and incentives that will help you save money on your energy bills. There are measures that can & will generate savings for you to positively make an impact on your bottom line immediately, also longer-term strategic initiatives to assess your needs and neutralize your energy spending in the longer run.

Energy audit, these days carry a lot of importance . An energy audit analyses the usage of all kinds of your energy sources and identifies the areas of energy inefficiency.

Although, after an audit being done, you still have important work left to do & here’s how you go about it.

1. Review the Audit Report

The very first thing to be done is to understand when you receive the audit report. Skim through the material that the energy auditor has provided you with, and make sure you understand it by heart.

In the best-case scenario, involve the auditor & discuss the findings of the whole audit. Hopefully, your auditor will make an in-depth presentation at the end of field study itself and also be available and able to answer follow-up questions later. Let this be carried out in the presence important personnel, including the heads of maintenance, plant manager, the in-charge of budgeting.

2. Prioritize and Implement the Changes

Prioritize the energy audit findings in the report as low, medium and long term measures based on its importance and return on investment. Implement both critical & suggested changes to the equipments and system which shoots up your energy consumption and crosses the set limit.


3. Replace the Old with New

Wherever required replace the old inefficient equipments with new energy efficient equipments. On a continuous basis, Find out solutions and less energy consuming alternatives to scale down the consumption.

4. Adoption of Latest Technologies

 Make a habit of going for the latest technologies and energy efficient equipments when purchase is done for the premises.

Start preparing for these steps right after you are done with the audit and make use of everything that you have gotten from the energy audit reports. The insights from the walkthrough of your audit journey will also play an important part in building up the essential foresight to achieve the energy management & will potentially save you from consuming more energy.

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