Energy Audit- 5 Benefits to the Commercial Building

October 4, 2020 By EnKing International

Energy is the most substantial operating expense for any business. To keep a check on the energy usage then thus becomes the prime responsibility of any organization. Henceforth, for effective energy consumption surveillance, Energy Audit comes into the picture. Energy Audit evaluates the energy efficiency of any commercial building and provides measures which include low cost also for reduction of energy usage. The major goal of any Energy Audit is to maximize profits, decrease ownership costs and bring in light a healthy and safe human comforting environment.
Let us discuss a few of the many benefits of Energy Audit of a commercial building-
1. Aids in Cost Optimization
A thorough energy audit done with sophisticated instruments and methods analyzes the system in detail and provides cost-effective solutions to reduce your utility bills. For instance, A comprehensive Energy Audit takes into account a building’s air conditioning system and its internal structure and figures out how the interconnected system works, finding leakages and unwanted heat transmission. It then recommends ways for maximizing functionality and minimizing expenses.
2. Operating Advantages
Apart from monetary gains, Energy Audit helps your business in designing a highly efficient system by modernizing building’s structure both internally and externally based on energy-friendly techniques. It will certainly decrease operational cost, enhance operational capacity, give longevity to equipment life.
3. Reduction in Energy Wastage
Energy Audits helps your business save money by reducing energy wastage. As it identifies the sources of maximum energy inefficiency and, in turn, wasting the maximum money. And after contemplating the utility and non-utility monetary gains, energy efficiency solutions are implemented for the reduction of energy waste and improved output/productivity.
4. Sustainability and Environment Protection
The purpose of an energy audit is not limited to cost-cutting and operational productivity for any business. Be it a small-scale or a large scale industry, Energy audit while serving its purpose helps in protecting the environment. It aids in reducing fossil-fuel pollution and thus ensuring the security of energy for future generations.
5. Intangible Benefits
The merits of the energy-efficient building go beyond increased asset valuation and sustainability. The long term rewards are associated with creating a “green” business image in the market, enhancing customer loyalty and brand recognition and improved employee productivity and morale.

Energy Audits are proven effective tools in helping find ways of sustainable energy usage by commercial facilities. But the work doesn’t end here, the outcomes are effective only when the measures suggested in an audit are adopted and implemented by the business. The way forward is to compile and comprehend the Energy audit data and formulate an action plan accordingly to reap the full-fledged benefits of an Energy Audit.

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