8 Green Tips That Will Improve Your Health and Lifestyle

October 3, 2020 By Rohit Vakkalgadda

There is no one today who is not affected by the changing scenario of our environment. We all do realize that this is affecting us in a big way, so it is about time we adopt at least minor changes in our lifestyle that will benefit us to lead a healthy life and saving the environment for our future generation.

We can all adopt a few small habits to make daily life kinder to the environment. These small little suggestions will go a long way to save the planet.

1. Avoid using a straw – Of all the single-use plastics, straws are one of the most insidious – small and lightweight they can easily miss the recycling bin and end up in the waterways. If you must have a straw for your smoothie, choose a reusable alternative made from stainless steel or glass (yes they are available, and you can carry your own ones).


2. Saving Water – No matter how much this point is stressed, it is still worth mentioning. We have to keep on making all efforts to save water, be it repairing leaking taps, saving water while brushing and shaving or even bathing.


3. Using Eco-friendly home cleansing substances – Its high time we all ditch the chemical based home cleaners that emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere, affecting your health in the process. Choose natural alternatives like plant-based cleaners that are equally effective in cleaning your home while being less harmful for your health and the environment.


4. Choosing vegies over fast-food – Though this is more about adopting a healthier lifestyle which will eventually result is a healthier generation, but fast food essentially leads to a lot of wastage and water level reduction. Make smart choice by going green in food as well.


5. Save Electricity switch off – When the sun is shining, make the most of it. Open your curtains, turn off your lights. This practice saves energy and also helps you soak up some of that vitamin D you need to stay happy and healthy. Try to avoid Air conditioners as much as possible.


6. Make your own garden – Gardening can be fun, therapeutic, and, in some cases, easy. Even if you live in an apartment you can maintain a few indoor plants and cultivate a small herb garden on your windowsill or balcony. This tiny habit will make you feel refreshed all day, and you can even plant some veggies which would mean pure consumption of food.


7. Car Pool or Walk – In addition to being a healthier and environment-friendly choice, this also helps to bond with both friends and nature.


8. Computer shut down – At night completely shut down your computer and stop sending junk mails, this not only reduces stress in society but also saves a lot of energy.

Adopting a greener, more sustainable approach to life doesn’t have to be difficult. When a realization comes from inside, everything falls into place. 

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