6 Eco-Friendly Business Travel Tips You Must Follow Next Time  

October 3, 2020 By Manish Dabkara

"Be the change that you want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi


Every year the world receives 1 billion tourists. According to the current estimates, this will increase by 60 percent. The travel industry has indisputably become monolithic. On the plus side, it is providing employment to many people, contributing to the economy (forming 1.5 percent global GDP in developing nations); on the downside, travel can disturb the harmony of an environment. Tourism has estimated to result in 5 percent of greenhouse gases worldwide! However, we can control this and change the picture by not sweeping things under the rug as we often do when traveling. In this blog, we explore the various ways in which we can avoid causing any further harm to the environment while traveling for business.


1. Taking care of the necessary

Avoid taking long showers, turn off the lights before you leave the room, do not use the air conditioner when not required. You can also reuse the linens, towels etc if they’re not dirty. You do it at home then why not in other places? Curbing unnecessary water usage is essential because by 2030 half the earth might live in areas with water scarcity!


2. Choose wisely

While choosing hotels, you can opt for green hotels. Usually, websites of these hotels show certifications like Green Key Global, Green Globe International, Green Seal, EcoSuites etc. These are the hotels which emphasize on reuse and have ways to minimize the energy demand. So choose green.


3. Shed the extra

Carry only what is absolutely necessary. Every extra pound counts when flying. The more a plane weighs, the higher are its emissions. We are often used to carrying stuff which will remain untouched throughout the trip. Avoiding this can make a change.


4. Friendly ways

Your means of transport also make a difference in the total carbon emissions. For short distances, try walking or choosing eco-friendly means of transport. Even though all these expenses are covered for you, the damage caused to the environment is still not covered.


5. Take care of what is around you

We as human beings have a tendency to avoid things conveniently. It’s almost instinctive to throw an empty chips wrapper on the road etc. Change these habits and contribute to saving the environment.


6. Reuse is the key

While you are packing, you can choose eco-friendly bags, water bottles etc. Avoid carrying the use and throw things and instead use things which emphasize reuse. Another important thing is to avoid plastic as much as possible.


"Sustainable travel is all about creating a positive effect on the communities you visit." -Jon Bruno


The basic idea is to leave the place better than you found it, no matter what place it is and no matter what state you found it in.

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