6 Reasons Why Earth Hour is Important  

October 3, 2020 By Manish Dabkara

The rapid depletion of ozone layer, fertile soil, icecaps and non-renewable resources are not phenomena that can be overlooked as they require immediate attention and action from all of us.

Earth hour is an initiative by World Wide Fund (WWF) which is held annually on the last Saturday of the month of March. It was initiated in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. It is shifted a week earlier or later for the years when the date collides with the holy Saturday, which is the case this year. Earth hour 2018 will be held on 24th March at 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM according to your local time.

During Earth Hour, individuals, communities and businesses turn off their non-essential lights for an hour to support the movement. It is an effective movement which has gone global since its inception. Below are the reasons Earth Hour is very important.

It spreads awareness, causes conversation

Earth Hour is annual, so it doesn’t let the hype die down. It is a reminder for all of us to commit to saving the planet and to fight back the problems strongly. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all and this event creates that stir that is needed for people to do something. If you cannot find a way to directly help the cause, educate people about it. If people aren’t aware of the problem, then there is no way they going to try to solve it.

It is as global as the problems it aims to overcome

The impact of Earth Hour was seen all around the globe. Numerous prominent monuments and landmarks including The Eiffel Tower, Roman Colosseum, and pyramids of Giza. More than 180 countries participate and show their commitment towards the betterment of the planet, which is how it should be as we equally share the planet so the problem is also a shared burden.

It’s a Social initiative among many political ones

There are plenty political events, meets, agreements and treaties that are working towards resolving environmental issues. They are undoubtedly important but what we need now is a widespread social movement for spreading awareness and encouraging people to take actions. That is just what Earth Hour is doing. The governments alone cannot solve issues of global significance without the participation of masses.

It’s a movement. It promotes action.

One might wonder how turning off several lights for an hour can affect global environmental issues. It doesn’t. Earth Hour is symbolized by people turning off the electric lights of their houses, offices and landmarks. But it is characterized by its capability to spread awareness and bring people to act. If they can turn off the lights, they can turn off other electric and electrical items for an hour. If it can be done for an hour, one can make it a habit to turn off appliances not in use all year round. Thus, Earth Hour creates a nexus for positive change.

It instigates a feeling of togetherness

No one wants to sit alone during a blackout and that is exactly what the aim of Earth Hour is, to bring people together. It causes conversation which becomes actions. When people work in groups, they are constantly motivated by each other to do their best.

The concept of Earth Hour is very effective in the way it creates a visual statement when a whole city turns to darkness to bring about a change that can light the future. 

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