8 Ways To Go Green At The Workplace  

October 3, 2020 By Pankaj Rajpoot

Considering we spend about one-fifth of our lifetime at work, isn’t it worthwhile taking ownership of our personal contribution to make our workplace greener? The substantial amount of time spent at work affects our personal happiness and outcomes. Therefore, it can be said that our job can create a huge impact on the quality of our life.

Also for the companies that invest their time, money and resources for such eco-friendly initiatives are not only combating the ill effects of our activities but are also attracting environmentally conscious candidates in making the workplace and the Earth a sustainable place to live in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss or an employee of the company, a few steps if taken by all of us will aid our workplace with a greener and a sustainable environment.

The tips elucidated below are designed to help you start your sustainability efforts. Review this list, share it with your colleagues and get started!


1. Change the way you commute: There are various ideas that help you change the ways you commute. Using public transport or a car pooling system can turn out to be really beneficial in terms of money saving and for the greener environment. Also, if you don’t live far from your office consider walking as well. Many companies allow employees to work from home in order to complete tasks that don’t require their physical presence at the office. Therefore, tryTelecommuting as it is a convenient way to work and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint from commuting to and fro.

2. Work more, consume less: Evidently, computers are one of most used tools at work. However,people tend to leave computers on standby that keeps drawing power even when not in use. Try optimizing the energy saving settings off your computer and try turning it of when you leave. The devices such as scanners, printers that are not frequently used should be plugged in only when needed.

3. Delineate your workplace: To get your workplace redesigned all you need to do is get good furniture, good lightings, and good air. For this make sure you buy the furniture that is manufactured out of recycled products. Installing of LED lights would help you conserve energy and last much longer than standard light bulbs. Make sure you have inlet to sufficient amount of natural day light as a free source of lighting as it is proven to improve productivity and energy. Also, you need to make the quality of air at your workplace. A good ventilated workplace with a low VOC paint will help in keeping the employees healthy.

4. Make use green materials: Use recycled paper and envelopes. Ensure that the biodegradable soaps and recycled toilet papers or cloth towels in the bathroom are used. Make sure you buy in bulk so that shipping and packaging waste is reduced, and try reusing the shipping boxes.

5. Lunch time: If you bring food from home, pack your food in reusable containers inside a storage bag that can be reused as well. And if you buy food for lunch make sure you dispose of the bag in the recycle bin of the office instead of throwing it away. This ensures the greenest way to eat at work.

6. Get Digital: The amount of paper consumption in this digital era is still huge. Therefore, you need to make sure you avoid the usage of paper as much as possible.So keep things digital and dematerialized whenever possible. Which means the more you work online, the less you need paper?

7. Make use of reusable bottles and mugs: Reusable bottles and mugs help you reduce the atrocious impact on the environment. With reusable water bottles, you won’t have to ingest the invisible residue that is known to come from throwaway plastic bottles.

8. Give your act a “second thought”: Think twice before you make sure you need your document to be printed.This consideration is a good practice for contributing towards the environment.

Incorporate the above illustrated ideas in making your workplace greener and a healthier place to stay in.

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