7 Things You Can Do During Earth Hour

October 3, 2020 By Manish Dabkara

Even though darkness surrounds this hour, the essence of it is as bright as it can be. Earth hour is an initiative by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), where individuals, landmarks and organisations turn off non-essential electric lights to show togetherness in humanity’s fight against global climate change. It is held annually on the last Saturday of the month of March.

Earth hour can be a fun as well as environmental affair. There are numerous activities you can do to spread awareness about environmental issues and have a good time with your people. Below are some of the ideas.

Make commitments to save mother earth

Earth hour is not just about turning off your lights for an hour and then forgetting about the global problems later. Its core motive is to spread awareness and encourage people to do more than that because global environmental issues require our immediate attention and action. So, to truly participate in this worldwide movement, make green resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint and encourage others to do so too. Promise yourself to use your non-renewable resources responsibly.

Invite people over to make it a happy hour!

Have a candle-lit dinner party using eco-friendly methods of cooking, and reusable or bio-degradable utensils and cutlery. Play board games or take quizzes surrounding themes of sustainability, power saving and environmental issues and their possible solutions. Have an unplugged musical night.

Take a stroll around the city

Walk around the city to see it in a completely different light. Check out which of your local landmarks have turned off their lights in support of Earth Hour. Eat some street-food along the way. Make sure you walk around and not drive around. Remember the purpose of the hour.

Go star-gazing

With the lights off in the city, you’ll be able to see the stars more clearly. So grab this opportunity and walk or hike to a spot from where the view of the stars is the best. Take a picnic basket, a guitar and some friends along. You’ll realise how beautiful the universe is and how we need to conserve its beauty and functionality.

Organise competitions, debates or discussions

Let your inner nerd surface this earth hour and let others show their geeky side too. Have elaborate discussions about issues you feel are important and are dominant in your country or state. Have healthy debates over which fuels are better or what is the best way to eradicate the problems of the environment.

Organise a rally

Rally through the city and educate people who are unaware about Earth Hour. Try to bring the local issues in the limelight so that the government takes steps towards solving them. Take suggestions from people participating in the rally and communicate them to the authorities.

Disconnect from the internet and connect to the earth

Why should just lights be turned off? Try turning off all electrical and electronic items and expound to others so that an actual difference can be made in terms of carbon emissions. Detach yourself from the internet and the digital world. Use the opportunity of Earth hour to enjoy the world in an unfiltered, raw form.

Any opportunity should not be missed to participate in such an important event. All of us can collectively combat the global issues if we try our best on our levels. Make the Earth Hour a zenith of positive change. Have a happy Earth Hour! 

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