4 Ways EnKing International is Working for Protecting the Earth

August 29, 2020 By Parul Gome

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan

Every day with our actions, the finite resources we are bestowed with get exhausted or get conserved. As individuals, the responsibility lies in the hands of all of us to make sure we create a sustainable environment. EnKing International believes this and believes in the legacy of a robust environment. It thus takes the responsibility to make sure this legacy is passed on. At EnKing International, both individual and group efforts are encouraged at all levels to see a massive change in the environment. Know how it is making contributions to revolutionize the world, creating a world that is sustainable.

1. Carbon mitigation

Carbon credits are largely used nationwide to keep a check on the greenhouse gas regulation. One carbon credit is tantamount to one metric ton of reduced greenhouse gas in the surroundings. EnKing International sells these carbon credits and resultantly regulates the emission of greenhouse gases. With constant efforts, EnKing International not only encourages organizations but also individuals to buy these carbon credits and save the environment.

2. Carbon footprinting

Carbon footprinting is the gross emissions resultant from organizations, events or products, expressed as a measure of carbon dioxide equivalent. Everything from food production to transportation causes the emission of greenhouse gases. On knowing the value of carbon footprint, strategies are advised/ devised to combat the gases produced with small to large efforts. EnKing International has always been encouraging masses at every level to effectively reduce the greenhouse gases and thus the carbon footprinting.

3. Solar thermal plants

EnKing International operates in both public and private sectors. It has contributed majorly at various levels towards projects like Solar thermal project in Jaisalmer (India), Suman Sarwari Hydro Electric Project, Hetero Wind power projects. With an efficient and dedicated team, EnKing International also offers consultancy to adopt and abide by the various management standards defined by ISO.

4. Carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality aims as having a zero net carbon emission. EnKing International is committed to suggesting ways to people to make sure they reduce emissions. In the current scenario, when this aspect is often ignored in the corporate world, EnKing International plays a leading role in saving the environment.

There are many ways our small efforts can protect the earth. At individual levels, these efforts might seem minutiae but they are not. Turn off the fan when you leave your room, don’t use light in the day time, reduce usage of air conditioners, switch to means like cycle or cars which are fuel efficient. Don’t think how insignificant your efforts are. Just make a difference for nothing ever goes to waste. Join EnKing International in the revolution of saving this planet because together, we can.

“The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

 – Earnest Hemingway

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