5 Unknown Advantages of Clean Electricity

October 5, 2020 By Pankaj Sengar

Clean electricity is the electricity that is generated without causing pollution. It is produced from inexhaustible sources of energy and thus carry many benefits. There has been increased emphasis on shifting to clean electricity. The Indian Government has given its objective to achieve 175 GW capacity as renewable electricity by the year 2022. This encompasses 100GW of solar power and 60 GW of wind power. But what really are the benefits of clean electricity?


1. More jobs

Since the whole process of renewable electricity generation needs more labour, a shift from non- renewable sources to renewable sources would give rise to raft number of jobs. All energy sources, be it thermal or solar would need manpower. This would overall aid the economy of the country.


2. Better environment

Combustion of fossil fuels gives rise to hazardous end products which damage the respiratory system. Reduced usage of non- renewable electricity implies reduced green- house gases, thereby facilitating a better air quality. Although geography can be an issue while employing these alternative electricity sources, the overall effects would be unmatched.


3. Independent and stable energy generation

Renewable electricity sources are not only stable energy sources but are also sources which are independent. Thus, usage of these sources mean a reduced dependence on foreign sources of energy. These sources can be accessible all through the year and thus there would not be an ebb and flow as it is quite so in oil sources.


4. Easy on pocket

It might seem that these renewable sources of energy are a huge investment but what people forget is that it is only a one time investment and that its benefits shall be derived all through the time until these are going to be used. Thus overall, renewable energy sources are easy on pocket and their prices do not depend on the price of oil etc.


5. Lower maintenance

As compared to non- renewable energy sources the renewable sources need low maintenance. The reason is because technology is employed in running these electricity sources, and unlike non- renewable electricity sources, they do not rely on combustible or inflammable sources of fuel. Thus it is a win- win situation.


It is the need of the hour to switch to these sources. They are not only easy on pocket and on environment, but are also an opportunity for more jobs.


Adopt renewable energy sources, save the environment and create a better future.

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