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Airport Authority Of India

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About Airport Authority Of India

Airport Authority of India manages 137 airports, which include 24 International Airports (including 3 International Civil Enclaves), 10 Customs Airports (including 4 Customs Civil Enclaves), 80 Domestic Airports and 23 Domestic Civil Enclaves at Defence airfields. AAI also provides Air Traffic Management Services (ATMS) over entire Indian Air Space and adjoining oceanic areas with ground installations at all Airports and 25 other locations to ensure safety of Aircraft operations. AAI’s endeavour, in enhanced focus on ‘customer’s expectations’ and environment safety. So it is conducting multiple surveys for enhancing customer satisfaction and registering its airports in different environmental programs and schemes for reducing the negative impact of its activities over environment.


Project Details

EnKing International offered carbon footprinting services to different national and international Airports of India but mainly to Airport of Varanasi, Vishakhatam, Trivendrum and Kolkalta. We accessed their Carbon footprints and helped them by participating for the Airport Carbon Accreditation. This further exemplifies their role in being an environmentally aware and awake organization and fulfilling their objectives towards environment safety.



The basic objective behind pursuing this project was to assess Carbon Footprint of these Airports and make them aware about future course of actions that they can take to undo the impact they are creating on environment. Another purpose was to ensure Airport Carbon Accreditation of these Airports.


Our attainments

Determined and assessed their operational boundaries and emissions which are scope 1 & 2 sources, collected data and calculated their annual carbon emissions.
Offered umpteen measures and best practices towards reducing carbon emission such as increase use of clean energy sources like solar and wind both on-site and off-site, created awareness and staff education prorgammes and adaptation of low energy designs, with inclusions of carbon reduction studies in all refurbished and new build projects.
Assisted the airports in optimization their scope 3 emissions from third parties like airlines, ground handlers, catering companies, air traffic control team and others.
To help them attain their climate ambition of being carbon neutral, by offering different internationally recognized offset instruments like certified emission reductions (CER), Emission Reduction Units (ERU) etc to offset both scope 1 and 2 emissions.


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