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Panama Renewable Group

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About The Panama Renewable Group

The Panama Renewable group is a young, diversified group of companies (part of the Panama Group) with interests in Wind, Solar and Hydro Energy. Backed by an unwavering enthusiasm since its inception to take on new challenges in renewable energy fields, Panama Renewable has remained committed to its stakeholders and philosophy.  Panama Renewable is at the forefront of transforming the way India produces Energy from Renewable energy sources and strongly positioned to develop, build, and operate clean energy infrastructure of the future.

Project Details

The proposed project activity involved the installation of Wind Power Projects. The total installed capacity of the project is 80 MW; which involves the operation of 40 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) with a capacity of 2 MW, each located at Maharashtra state in India. The project is promoted by Panama Wind Energy Godavari Private Limited. The power production displaced an equivalent amount of power from the grid, which was fed mainly by fossil fuel-fired power plants. Hence, it resulted in the reduction of GHG emissions. GHG emission reductions from the project activity amounted 136,936 tonnes of CO2 and total GHG emission reductions for the chosen 10 year crediting period amounted 1,369,360 tonnes of CO2.


1. Successfully getting the project registered with different internationally recognized mechanisms for emission reductions like VCS, Gold Standard etc.
2. All the projects registered are regularly audited and validated by third party organizations to ensure additionality and environmental integrity of the projects.
3. Achieving the best prices and terms for sales of carbon credits generated.

Our attainments

Firstly, we took the responsibility of developing Project Design Document, containing information about the project’s anticipated emission reductions, social and environmental benefits and demonstration that the projects activities exceeds “business-as-usual” reductions and avoid emission leakages.
We evaluated the situation and got the project registered with third party certification, VCS (Verified Carbon Emission) by conducted the entire process of registration, validation and verification.
We also offered credit trading service for the credits generated from the project, by conducting extensive market research and marketing to identify credit buyers thus helping the company begin its carbon credit sales.

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