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National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

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About National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

NHPC Limited (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) is an Indian Hydropower generation company that was incorporated in the year 1975 with an objective to plan, promote and organise an integrated and efficient development of hydroelectric power in all aspects. Later on NHPC expanded its objects to include other sources of energy like Solar, Geothermal, Tidal, Wind etc.

Project Detail

Uri power station is run-of-the-river scheme with an installed capacity of 480 MW (4 X 120 MW) to harnesses the Hydropower potential of river Jhelum. It is located in Baramulla district of Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. The project comprises of a 20.0 m high & 93.50 m long barrage, open channel, 8.4 meter diameter & 10.63 Km long horse shoe shaped HR, surge shaft with two 5 m dia circular steel lined back filled pressure shaft. The underground power house with installed capacity of 480 MW houses 4 units of 120 MW capacity each designed to operate under the gross head of 262.0 m and designed to generate 2587.38 million units in a 90% dependable year with 95% machine availability.


1. Successfully getting the project registered with different internationally recognized mechanisms for emission reductions like VCS, Gold Standard etc.
2. All the projects registered are regularly audited and validated by third party organizations to ensure additionality and environmental integrity of the projects.
3. Achieving the best prices and terms for sales of carbon credits generated.

Our attainments

We guided the project through regulatory process of different mechanism like VCS, Gold Standard and assisted them them through all 4 stages from project registration, verification, validation and final trading of credits.
Firstly, we took the responsibility of developing Project Design Document, containing information about the project’s anticipated emission reductions, social and environmental benefits and demonstration that the projects activities exceeds “business-as-usual” reductions and avoid emission leakages.
The project is then validated and verified after assessing the carbon, social and environmental components and ensuring the accordance with the rules and requirements of different mechanisms.
Our market leading portfolio and on groud support, offered credit trading service for the credits generated from the project, by conducting extensive market research and marketing to identify credit buyers thus helping the company begin its carbon credit sales.

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