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Renew Power

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EnKing International is taking care of complete process involved in VCS mechanism for the Greenko group. We are also providing services for trading the credits generated from project on a regular basis.

About Renew Power

ReNew Power Limited is reportedly the largest renewable energy IPP in India, with regards to the total energy generation capacity. Since the time of commencement of operations with a 25.2 MW wind power project in Gujarat, reportedly ReNew Power has current asset base of over 8 GW, out of that over 5 GigaWatt is currently operational and they are aiming to attain the capacity of 20 GW. ReNew currently operate over 110 utility scale projects across eight states in India. Their turnkey projects involve developing, building, owning and operating utility scale wind and solar energy projects, apart from the distributed solar energy projects, which generate energy for commercial and industrial consumer segments.

Project Details

The project activity involves the installation of Solar PV project. The total installed capacity of the project is more than 1000 MW of Solar PV plant. The power production displaced an equivalent amount of power from the grid, which was fed mainly by fossil fuel-fired power plants. Hence, it resulted in the reduction of GHG emissions.


1. Successfully getting the project registered with different internationally recognized mechanisms for emission reductions like VCS, Gold Standard etc.
2. All the projects registered are regularly audited and validated by third party organizations to ensure additionality and environmental integrity of the projects.
3. Achieving the best prices and terms for sales of carbon credits generated.

Our attainments

EnKing international stepped in and identified the difficulties being faced by the orgnaisation and took a hands on approach to get the projects validated and verified with VCS and CDM mechanism and get the carbon credit trading started. We assisted the organization with regulatory process of different mechanism like VCS, Gold Standard and assisted them them through all 4 stages from project registration, verification, validation and final trading of credits.
Firstly, we took the responsibility of drafting Project development document containing information about carbon, social and environmental components of the project and ensuring it follows all the required rules and regulations of different emission reduction mechanisms.
Got the project validated after assessing if the project GHG removal or reduction is in accordance with mechanism rules and against all applicable requirements of the CDM & VCS standard.
Opened a global market for their credit generated by offering credit trading service for the credits developed from the project, by conducting extensive market research and marketing to identify credit buyers thus helping the company begin its carbon credit sales.

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