6 Tips For Hosting Carbon Neutral Event

October 3, 2020 By Sachhin Patra

The Corporate world stands at incompetence without conferences and event. Many businesses have been using technology to scale out and get a high position in the market; its effect on the environment can’t be ignored. Events, especially the large ones eventually result in the colossal emission of greenhouse gas.

Here we will be discussing 6 simple ways to reduce the carbon footprints at any event.

1. Go digital.

For Invitations, Schedule, Entry passes, Event brochures or any other piece of information you find of relevant importance to be shared with the attendees, design an application for this purpose, if sending emails doesn’t suit the purpose well.

2. Encourage the efforts.

When you decide on something, be sure you bring its essence in every step you take. Making a mention of the special parking space they get on carpooling, and vouchers for using public transport would be a great way to make it a little closer to the "sustainable event."

3. Gift them before they desire.

Gift of the day- A water bottle. Rather than using a disposal or a separate bottle for every time thrust hit the throat, better honour the quench with a bottle they may refill, whenever they find the need of doing so.

4. Let season be your influencer for the menu.

Deciding on the season’s best for the food menu, hiring a local vendor for the serves to be rendered would reduce the food mile. The best food of the season would also add up to the taste and enhance the quality of the food as well.

5. Decide on the venue, shrewdly!

Be sure, you aren’t booking a larger venue for an event which could have been successfully summed up in limited space..

6. Confirm on your attendee.

Getting a prior confirmation for the attendee willing to attend the event, and then deciding on the bookings and finalising the order of other amenities, would help in getting a hold of the waste later on.

This isn’t all of what one may do for hosting a carbon neutral event, it’s just the easy steps we offer to aid you with, once convinced with the results, the further journey would help you flourish in the area of the undefined boundaries and inventions.

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