6 Reasons Industries Should Go For Electrical Safety Audits

October 5, 2020 By Bhawna Mata

Electricity, now the most indispensable part of our lives also comes with great risks which can put lives and properties in danger to a great extent. These electrical risks and hazards can originate in the form of electrical fires and explosions, shocks, and short circuits and failures. Therefore it is not only important but also a necessity of the time to manage and control these electrical hazards effectively and efficiently especially in the industries, where these hazards will have a much greater impact and may incur bigger losses.

This necessity of identifying and eliminating the potential hazards and accidents could be fulfilled by Electrical Safety Audits. The electrical safety audit is adopted to effectively establish a sound Safety system in the plant. If adopted properly it reaps many tangible benefits and assists management in formulating Emergency Preparedness Plan. So, here are the few reasons as to why industries should go for Electrical Safety Audits.

                    1) Identification of flaws in the existing system

An Electrical Safety Audit will analyse the existing system in place and thus helps in identifying the faults in the system. There can be flaws in the system of the existing facility or the system may be outdated or would have become redundant as per the current requirement and standards. So, identification of these flaws in the existing electrical systems can help industries prevent any greater loss later.


2) Identification & elimination of safety hazards

Knowing about the potential risks and hazards that can arise due to electrical systems helps in taking appropriate actions and measures to mitigate those risks beforehand. An Electrical Safety Audit does just that. It helps you know and identify the possible hazards that can arise so that an emergency preparedness plan is in place before a tragedy breaks out.


3) Ensuring compliance with Govt. Safety Laws and practices

Electrical Safety Audits ensure that all the standard laws and practices set up by the Government and other recognized institutions are followed and are in compliance with the practices followed in the industry. Thus these audits are a great way to be in synchronisation with the laws and ensure safety simultaneously.


4) Ensuring the longevity of big & expensive electrical equipment

Disruptive and non-uniform voltage supply, electrical fire accidents, short circuits and other electrical accidents cause damage to the electrical machinery and may cause its permanent failures which will result in increased financial losses. Going in for an electrical safety audit can avoid the damages as it eliminates and reduces the risk of these accidents and thus protecting the expensive equipment which in turn helps in saving unnecessary expenses and ensures smooth disruption free and smooth functioning of industry operations.


5) Training of staff and officials for the safe operation of equipment & facility

A well trained and equipped staff with all the know how’s about the systems and facility and about the right operational techniques is a great boon for any industry. These safety audits make sure that the people responsible for the electrical safety management and the operation of machinery are all well equipped with right skills and knowledge for the same.


6) Actions & Measures to be taken for electrical safety

Only identifying the potential electrical hazards is just half the work done. Having a proper plan for the measures and actions to be taken for eliminating the risk of hazards and for mitigation if the hazard or accident occurs, will make you fully prepared for any electrical safety failure and these electrical safety audits does just that.


 If an electrical safety audit is adopted in its full measure then it will reap benefits that will help an industry in the long run. It will not only ensure the safety of the equipment but also of the lives of the people working there. The confidence and moral of the workers and employees in the industry and its practices also increases. So, these electrical safety audits are the best options when it comes to having an electrical safety management and Emergency Preparedness Plan for the overall safety of the property and lives from the electrical hazards and accidents.

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