5 Ways SDGs Can Change Our Global Community

October 5, 2020 By Naveen Sharma

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 broad global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. Each goal has certain targets. It is a collective call to action to make a better & prosperous world for all. SDGs cover all issues being faced by people on a global level – from poverty, hunger, education, climate change to gender equality, water, urbanization, environment etc.
The development of these goals was guided by the concern express by then United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
"We don’t have plan B because there is no planet B!"
Here are the ways through which these goals can work towards changing the Global Community;
Global Participation – The vision of SDGs is to solve all the socio-economical issues faced by all the people irrespective of regions. So to fulfill the objectives of SDGs, all countries will have to come together to achieve these goals. Everyone from the administrative hierarchy like higher authority to local bodies will take part in actions envisioned in SDGs.
Detailed Action Plan – These goals not only focus on the transformations which they aim to bring in the condition of people, sustainable development & better environment. But they also highlight the ways through which they can be achieved. SDGs encourage to solve issues by making a roadmap & planning long-term policies & their implementations. 
Innovative Approach – SDGs present a large set of Goals (and targets) and due to the challenge of their worldwide implementation, they often appear "unachievable". That’s why innovative steps are being planned to solve all issues effectively. SDGs let policymakers to ventures into unexplored parts and help them formulate effective planning & actions to achieve the goals.
Effective Representation – Every member country at UN esp underdeveloped & developing will be given proper chance to represent themselves equally in all global decision-making bodies for SDGs. The effectiveness of such representation help in empowering them and making them responsible to work for the betterment of people & achieving goals in their regions.
Female Empowerment – SDGs comprise of social economic factors which are faced by women mostly. Be it water, sanitation, hunger etc. Working on these goals will actually help in uplifting the situations of Women. And it will have long-lasting positive effects in the society. As it is a well-known fact that upliftment of women’s condition socially & economically eventually helps in uplifting the next generations.

So here are some ways SDGs will work towards the changing the Global Community for good. They are the commitments to make this World better & sustainable. SDGs inspire the whole Global Community to act as it is our collective responsibility to protect the World.

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