5 Actions you can take to make your Business Eco- Friendly

October 5, 2020 By Pavan Kr. Kundi

“The environment and the economy are two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves.” – Wangari Maathai
In the hustle to expand your business and to escalate the profits, often environment takes the backseat. What you tend to neglect is how intimately the two are inter-related. People today are getting more and more aware about keeping the environment clean and green; in this scenario, your attempts would not only attract a larger and better consumer group but would also conserve the environment. Find out how you can implement easy methods to preserve the environment and at the same time derive its benefits in your business:
1. Choose significance, not comfort
Knowingly or unknowingly we make choices which can be disastrous to the environment. Make small changes like choosing a bicycle (or public transport) over the car to get to work, getting goods from sustainable and recyclable manner, using the amount of water only which is needed, recycling electronics. You can also avoid products like plastics in the day to day life and encourage people to do the same. 
2. Leaving an impact in a green way
You can choose business cards which are environment-friendly. The entire idea is not to impress but to get the job done and it can be done on recyclable material as well. This might seem like an insignificant measure but you will need these cards all your life and so you can see the difference that you will create. 

3. Cover the corners
There are always corners in your office which are occupied by things for ornamental purposes. Use your favourite plants to cover these spaces. They would adorn the place and at the same time provide you a better and cleaner air.

4. Curb usage as much as possible
If you monitor meticulously there are a lot of things you can restrict usage of- light, paper products for instance. Make sure the light is turned off every time you leave the room. As much as possible, use natural lights. Use recyclable paper at work place and avoid wastage. Travel only when is the only option, else use means like video calling to manage meetings.
5. Switch to Digital
Technology is revolutionising the world. Try incorporating it as much as you can in your office. Use digital means to eliminate the use of paper. This way you can avoid wastage of paper and get rid of the hustle of maintaining records while your vital information can be stored safely and one click away.
The idea of recycling should always be on your mind. Advice your colleagues to adopt business-friendly ways too. 


“Nature is the miracle we depend on”- Anonymous.

Therefore it should be used meticulously for once gone, it is not coming back to us. 

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