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Meeting present CLIMATE CHANGE needs without compromising the needs of FUTURE GENERATIONS

Carbon Offset Standards

After the wave of attention towards ‘Climate Change and Global Warming’ multiple National and International bodies have given different concepts and mechanisms to reduce level of GHG emissions. Over a period of time, such mechanisms were adopted by many environment conscious countries and organisations as a step towards sustainable environment.

These mechanisms are difficult to understand and adopt by an ordinary organisation. So here we are the most renowned GHG program implementation and advisory services provider to help existing organisation in maintaining their market standing and to help new birds to enter with ease the Carbon Standard Market. 

Here are the basic issues which many organisations face and how we provide a solution to it!

Business Challenge

1. End-to-end Carbon project life cycle management

2. Coordinating with Emission Reduction Standard bodies

3. Keeping track of policy changes with the ER standards and other emerging standards worldwide.

4. Pricing of Carbon Offsets and marketing them.

5. How to monetize the Emission Reduction Projects.

Our Solution

EnKing International help project owners to get their projects registered/verified under various GHG program mentioned below. We offer on time, quality services with 100% assurance of successful delivery.

Gold Standard (GS CER & GS VER Projects): A standard for creating high-quality emission reductions projects in the Clean Development Mechanism and Voluntary Carbon Market. It was designed to ensure that carbon credits are not only real and verifiable but they make measurable contributions to Sustainable Development Goals worldwide.

Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS): This is a standard for voluntary carbon offset market. Based on the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism guidelines, VCS establishes criteria for validating, measuring, and monitoring carbon offset projects.

Clean Development Mechanism: This is one of the Market Based Instruments defined in the Kyoto Protocol that provides for emissions reduction projects which generate Certified Emission Reduction units (CERs) which may be traded in emissions trading schemes.

Programme Of Activities: Under a Programme of Activities (PoA) it is possible to register the coordinated implementation of a policy, measure or goal that leads to emission reduction. Once a PoA is registered, an unlimited number of Component Project Activities (CPAs) can be added without undergoing the complete CDM project cycle. Similarly PoAs can also be created in Gold Standard. 

​Airport Carbon Accreditation

ACI EUROPE launched Airport Carbon Accreditation, allowing the assessment and recognition of participating airports’ efforts to manage and reduce their CO₂ emissions at global level in 2014.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is an independent, voluntary programme administered by WSP, an international consultancy appointed by ACI EUROPE to enforce the accreditation criteria for airports on an annual basis. The administration of the programme is overseen by an Advisory Board

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