Yash Lakhotiya

Senior Manager - Renewable Energy Attributes


Mr. Yash Lakhotiya is not just a great and precise Manager but also an inspiring person. His hands-on approach to good communication, fast learner and powerful character gained him the respect of all in the organisation.

When you really get connected to him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills. He is strategic minded and is always keen to find solution to take the organisation to new heights. Throughout his journey with Enking international he has shown positive attitude and desire for both self and organisational development.

His adaptability and flexibility to changing organisation needs and dynamics is one of his greatest strengths. He believes in building solid relationships with employees that increases their overall motivation and trust.

He is ever energetic and always has a positive outlook towards every situation. Detail oriented team player. He will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. He is a truly remarkable person.

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