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Life at EnKing International


It is at core of EnKing International to engross and to look after growth of every member to such an extent that for them “work becomes their passion and workplace become their next home”.


Every person who is connected with EKI either internally or externally is found to be completely happy and satisfied. Happiness of external members is clearly reflected with our contended clientele and our prolonged relationship with them.

For satisfaction of internal members we have metamorphosed such a work culture where we not only look after professional needs of an individual member but also cater to their personal needs through our multidimensional training like GTD training module and many more, which helps an individual to develop a proper work life balance.


We plan different surprises and celebrations for every member on different occasions and nurture psychological as well as sense of belonging with the work place as we have with our home.


We believe “suggestion of everyone is important” and this matters to us! So we have developed a feedback mechanism with which we collect opinions of each member about infrastructure development and work culture enhancement on a regular basis. Also, our team is very keen about implementing these opinions as and when possible for revamping the aura of work place. Even members recommend EKI as the best place to work, you can check out testimonials of team members below!

Words of Our Team Members

"Through my journey from merely an assistant to the position of executive director I have learned you can grow remarkably if you have the fire within you to grow. And trust me, EnKing International is a wonderful place to burgeon in all possible dimensions an individual want to!"
Naveen Sharma
Executive Director - Sales - Climate Change
"My experience at EKI has been amazing as constant motivation from management has been provided by recognizing associate's individual efforts along with support from my managers and colleagues. Working at EKI has added advantage towards providing better work-life balance to all of us working here."
Rohit Vakkalagadda
Asst Manager - Sales - Climate Change