Cookstove Project

Cookstove Project

Today, over 3 billion people globally still use polluting biomass fuels for their everyday cooking and this results in over 4 million deaths per year from lung diseases due to the hazardous smoke emissions. To add to this, traditional mud and three stone fire cook stoves are only about 8-10% fuel efficient resulting in acute firewood wastage.

EKI Services/Solutions

EKI launched the Green Cooking initiative to solve this and replace the smoke emitting traditional mud/three stone fire cook stoves with Improved cook stoves (ICS) that are safer and also fuel efficient.



Our Improved Cooking stoves (ICS) are provided free of cost to economically weaker families in remote locations across the globe.


We have also established an associate – GHG Reductions Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for strengthening the backward integration of carbon credit supply and for the end-to-end management of the green cooking initiative starting from manufacturing to the distribution of the improved cook stoves. The associate has a 9000sq feet state-of-the-art plant in Nashik, Maharashtra which has a capacity to manufacture up to 3million cook stoves per year


Each of our improved cook stove is 30% more efficient than traditional mud/three stone fire cook stoves and help prevent up to 4000kg of CO2 emissions per year. Additionally, it enables a 45-55% reduction in the consumption of firewood as fuel.


Our cook stoves help mitigate carbon emissions while also enhancing the indoor air quality in rural homes. The initiative aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN with its added benefits of reduction of deforestation, reduction of environmental pollution, biodiversity conservation, health benefits to villagers and generation of employment amongst others.