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Why EnKing International

We are the pre-eminent brand in the realm of “climate change, carbon credit and sustainability solutions” across the globe. We aspire to render strategic solutions for helping businesses and organizations to achieve their climate ambition. Our objective is to rehabilitate the Earth to a low carbon and climate resilient global economy. We work for the planet to produce positive outcomes and much-needed answers to help you with all your sustainability issues. We have been providing our clients with prompt, efficient and quality oriented services consistently for more than 10 years and are considered as one of the top-notch consulting service providers in India as well as internationally.


We have touched most aspects of this domain, be it carbon credit/asset management, carbon footprint management, sustainability audits, training for quality control and management, or be it any novel concept like carbon neutrality, Net zero ambition or climate positive initiatives. As this is a niche area of expertise, we uncovered many aspects and even acquired expertise in certain areas like, Carbon Offset Certification standards, building a network of market players to trade the offsets, Carbon Footprint measurement and management, Airport Carbon Accreditation, Energy Audits and many more.



Over a period of more than 12 years we have developed enormous and flourishing clientele of fully satisfied clients who have happily endorsed our services. We got recognition among ‘Super 30 companies of the year 2018’ by the silicon reviews for being the most innovative and strategic business.

Our Vision

With a vision, “To be the most client centric service (energy, climate change & business excellence sector) company of the 21st century, where the client’s can get World-Class Services (advisory, audits, trading & training) to become more profitable and sustainable”

EKIESL is delivering its wide range of services, in categories of training, consulting, Energy Conservation, Carbon Credit Trading, CDM and Electrical Safety Audit, Carbon Footprint measurement and management, and many more sustainability services.

Our Mission

To be a company which helps businesses to make Earth’s Environment free of Global Warming and help them to achieve Continual Improvement through World-Class Management Systems.” 

Exceedingly Credible

We are a public limited organization having high credibility.

Transcendent Team

We work with a blend of talented and a stable team.

100% Success Rate

We as a Carbon Trading company deliver 100% registration as well as issuance success rate to our clients.

International Presence

We work across the spectrum of sustainable development round the globe.

Some Facts

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together with a talented team of individuals, since EnKing International has been found in 2008, and here are some facts from our achievements.








Climate change is the environmental challenge for this generation, and it is imperative that we act before it's too late.

Manish Dadkara - MD & CEO

Manish Dabkara

Director & CEO

EnKing International Logo Meaning

Our new logo encompasses the symbol and the corporate name in alliance with each other. One without the other is incomplete in depicting the true nature and meaning of the organization. The name EnKing International exemplifies the Environment King serving masses with a motive to aid the environment by reducing carbon footprints.

The design concept is drawn from the nature of the business. The symbols illustrate all renewable sources of energy i.e., Wind, Solar and Hydro energy, the application of which will help in mitigating the reliance on fossil fuels and combat the severe threat to the environment. The two colors i.e., blue and grey have been selected to manifest the business motive. The grey color signifies preferring a safe and a balanced existence. Whereas blue color signifies color of the Earth that backs our tagline “Greening the Blue”.

Our Clients

We deliver work with kindness and generosity to our clients and they pay us back with loyalty.