Meeting present CLIMATE
needs without
compromising the needs of
Meeting present CLIMATE CHANGE needs without compromising the needs of FUTURE GENERATIONS

Carbon Offsetting

With time stakeholder pressure on organizations has been increasing to act on climate change. It is a widely recognized fact that government action in itself is not sufficient to deal with carbon change impacts and more so in reversing the temperature rise.


Therefore in addition to compliance mechanism like CDM, other regional ETS and Carbon Tax mechanisms, corporate and individuals are taking it upon themselves to contribute and create tangible impacts in the global fight with Global Warming and Climate Change. Hence the term voluntary as they are not mandated under any law to reduce or neutralize their emissions.


It would be natural for such actors to first look for economical solutions to abate their emissions. Generally, the first step is to optimize internal processes to reduce emission and carbon intensity of their products and services. After a certain level of abatement, further reduction of emission is not economically feasible, that’s when Carbon Offset can help such actors bridge the gap in reaching their carbon neutrality ambitions.


Once the actors have decided to acquire carbon offsets for their carbon neutrality goals, next big hurdle is to select the right kind of carbon offset. The parameters to consider while selecting a carbon offset are to ensure that, the reductions are: –

– Real

– Additional

– Quantifiable

– Permanent

– 3rd party verified


In addition some certification standards like Gold Standard Foundation (GS) and Global Carbon Council (GCC) also map, track, verify and certify additional impacts created by the projects with respect to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our professionals at EnKing would do all the due diligence on your behalf to ensure that you get the right kind of offsets from the right project that suits your organization’s interest and priorities.

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