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Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit is about examining the safety & security of electrical installations of any industrial unit or organization. Electrical Safety Audit is performed by conducting enquiry, inspection, testing and verification of any entity installed with electrical equipment and appliances. Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Standards and Regulations.

 We follow a systematic approach for evaluating potential electrical hazards and produce reports recommending actions for improvement in Electrical Safety Audit. Electrical Safety Audits include the factory assessment of electrical installations in various industries such as Electrical, Construction at various Cities across India.

Scope of Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit reviews the degree of safety of the overall electrical system in the premises, providing recommendations and measures to be taken to minimize or eliminate the risk of electrical hazards. The following is the scope in detail:

  • Review of the electrical hazards identification and risk assessment.

  • Review of the earthing and lightning protection system implemented in plant to ensure the equipment and human safety.

  • To check the hotspot in the electrical installation and equipment by using thermal imager.

  • To check earth resistance of earth pits and sockets on sampling basis.

  • Review of EPM (Electrical Preventive Maintenance) programme in the facility.

  • Review of the electrical documents like register of electrical installations, single line diagrams, test records (Transformer oil test, Insulation Resistance test and Earth Resistance tests) and data sheets of critical electrical installations.

  • Review of the availability & reliability of emergency systems such as DG set, UPS, battery etc. Physical verification of warning signage & labeling on all electrical distribution panels, transformer and switch-gear.

Approach & Methodology

The Electrical Safety Audit includes the review of documentation with respect to the scope covered in audit, an on-site visit, and data collection, their review and analysis. This will also require the cross-check and verification of information and data which may include industry norms and peer data. Following is the methodology which we follow at EnKing International for conducting an Electrical Safety Audit in detail:

  • A Pre-Audit Meeting (opening meeting).

  • On-site visit and inspection

  • Discussion with members of the house.

  • Review of Documentation / Records

  • Submission of final electrical safety audit (ESA) report 

Benefits of Electrical Safety Audit

  • Identification of Electrical hazards helps to minimize the risk of accidents like fire due to short-circuiting,

  • Identification of areas of risk or vulnerability in the existing electrical systems and installations.

  • Improves employee morale by ensuring safer place to work.

  • Premature failures are effectively minimized.

  • Unexpected outages can be minimized ensuring continues power supply to the end user.

  • Assisting in the management of Electrical risk

  • Non-compliance with the legislation and best practices.

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